May 19, 2022


curled up on the sofa

If you say:

I doze off after reading 5 pages.
I don’t remember what I read.
I don’t get enough time to read.
I’m a slow reader.
I have left many books half-read.
Which books should I read?
I have the guilt of not reading regularly.
How to implement what I read?
Then this summary is for you. Read more:

7 habits of highly effective Readers

Being a highly effective reader gives parents peace of mind regarding their child’s educational success. This book gives tips and tricks to both classroom teachers, as well as parents on how to develop these 7 habits that make all readers highly effective readers.

1) They don’t take reading seriously

The problem is consider reading as a task so it makes us feel like we are doing a difficult thing. One should not take reading seriously rather read it for fun and learning purposes. This way reading will be easier.

2) HIGHLY EFFECTIVE READERS fill in the time pockets

What are time pockets? Time pockets are the hundreds of minutes that pass unnoticed daily in our lives. Without even realizing it, we waste a lot of time. For example, we sit idle while waiting for someone to arrive or waiting for our turn in the salon. We need to use that time for reading that is using the time pockets for reading.


When the author read the book “Swim with the Sharks by Harvey Mackay”, he got to learn from this below line:

“If I am not reading, I am not changing. If I am not changing, I am not growing”
and never wasted his time rather investing that time in reading.

If you’re not reading you are not growing


Read books of different genres. Read random. This will increase your creativity. Reading different kinds of books will open your mind and let your mind evolve. So reading randomly can help you read anything, anytime without waiting for the particular book you want.

5) They have the big picture

Here we need to understand the difference between Perfection and Excellence. Perfection involves EGO when he/she won’t bring the work to the world until it’s perfect whereas Excellence involves regular progression. It might include imperfection. Even if you are within 70% of the target, launching it will bring up your flaws which might be scary. But this can help you achieve excellence.


Similarly, no need to read slowly and perfectly, you can read it speedily. Fast reading can help you focus more.

7) They read and discuss

Small Mind discuss people, Average Mind discuss Events but Great Minds discuss ideas

Talk read and discuss.
If they can read well, then they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. They have higher self-esteem than those that struggle with reading.

In order to do this, we need to take a deep look at what highly effective readers do so that we can help all children succeed to the best of our abilities.

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