April 19, 2024


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Each one of us has a giant within us. It can make us successful and help us get out of our laziness. If you are the one who wants to become successful in life or change your life in any way then these 3 minutes of reading can help you achieve that. The Author, of the book, Awaken The Gaint, Tony Robbins had a very poor lifestyle but one day he decided to get a rich lifestyle.

He achieved it by helping the Giant to wake up and work on his lifestyle. This is the book, Awaken The Giant, which is based on waking up the Giant in each of the readers, who has the capability to get things done and become however he/she decides to become.

We all have that Giant who has the courage, capabilities to make their dreams into reality but the Giant is sleeping.

So our work is to wake up the Giant.

Tony took some steps in his life which help him awaken his Giant. The steps are as follows

1) DECISIONS to Awaken The Gaint

When he took a strong decision to change everything, it changed. If he wouldn’t have taken such a strong decision, nothing would have changed.

Most people can’t wake up their giant ever in life because of 2 reasons.

1. They avoid taking any decision

2. They do not understand the difference between decisions and wish

If you fail to take action after making a decision then it’s not your decision, it’s your wish. Taking action is what matters if you make a decision.

Awake The Giant

Everyone’s future depends on 3 decisions

1. What to Focus on
2. What things mean to you
3. What to do

2) PPP [Pain and Pleasure Principle]

Whatever decisions we take, at the core level we do it because of 2 reasons:

To avoid Pain or To gain pleasure

We consider hard things we want to do to be successful as pain so we can’t do it. And, we consider not doing things that give us pleasure. This is the problem so the solution is whenever you want to do anything whether it might be a pain to you, consider that a pleasure in your mind and do it. Doing things by thinking of them as pleasure will help you work on your goals.

Think about the long term benefits and pleasure

3) Believe to Awaken The Gaint

Believe has unlimited Power. It can not only change you emotionally but also physically, that too in lesser time.
Decrease negative beliefs and increase positive beliefs.

Read the book Unlimited Power

This book will change your life – just follow through and do the exercises while you’re reading it.

Conclusion of the Book Awaken The Gaint

Not easy to commit to everything, but if it sends you in the right direction it can’t be bad! I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was encouraging.
You will however need a pen and paper to write down the steps Tony outlines, otherwise, this book will be of no value.

It has empowered me with courage, drive, and determination – I know now the direction of where I want to go in life and what I must do to achieve it! If you need a sense of direction in life, this is the book that can guide you.

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