July 22, 2024


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Willpower makes it clear that whatever we seek—from happiness to good health to financial security—we won’t reach our goals without first learning to harness self-control.

Drawing on cutting-edge research and the wisdom of real-life experts, Willpower shares lessons on how to focus our strength, resist temptation and redirect our lives.

About the book

It shows readers how to be realistic when setting goals, monitor their progress, and how to keep faith when they falter. Willpower makes it clear that whatever we seek—from happiness to good health to financial security—we won’t reach our goals without first learning to harness self-control.

Psychologist Roy F. Baumeister collaborates with New York Times science writer John Tierney to revolutionize our understanding of the most important human virtue which is self-control.

How to increase willpower?

The trick here is simple, focus on the works that are most important and difficult. The first thing you have to do after you get up in the morning is to do the chores which are at the priority of your day. Most of the people after getting up check their phones, check emails, messages, browse on social media; the author says, by doing this you lose your energy and willpower.

Small activities also suck your energy. The fact is everyone has limited willpower. Once the willpower is exhausted he/she is unable to regain it so use the willpower wisely and on the things, you think are important and tasks to be done as a priority.

Activities/ jobs that are easier and need less time and effort can also be done at the later part of the day.

To be noted

  1. You have a limited amount of willpower
  2.  You use the same stock of willpower for all tasks

Creative work has to be done first then do the shopping because shopping requires lots of thinking and decisions which exhaust your energy and willpower to do anything after you go home. If you know the rate of tiredness you feel after shopping.

Plan your day effectively

Will power is somewhat like you want to achieve something and your brain is plotting a method in your mind that how you will attain it.



What matters is not how much big is your problem, it is how much serious effort you can put to deal with your problem

Why share this idea/ knowledge?

Share this post with everyone because gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom and sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity.


How did the book work for me?

Physical and emotional comfort are now much less important than getting work done as I go through the day. The book is life-changing.

Work on vision statements and take action

If there is only one principle for success, it would be doing the things that are right and doing them at the right time. That’s not easy. But we can make it easy.

What we need is cultivated willpower and the knowledge of how it works!

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