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Learn Better is a template for life-long learners. Through his six steps the author, Ulrich Boser believes that any student can learn and even enjoy any subject quickly which are the guide to learn better. The key is to look again at the things you are just not good at and have a different approach to learning.

About the Author

As a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and a past adviser to many institutions including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ulrich has been a change-maker for years. Most notably he established the learning agency which helps people and organizations harness the power of learning.

Boser believes

Learning is a skill and you can get better at it

So he wrote Learn Better which Amazon called “The best science book of the year”.


The Book Learn Better walks you through a six-step approach to learning any discipline. They are Value, Target, Develop, Extend, Relate and Rethink. If you want to become an expert in any subject then read more.

Key Concept 1:

Look for meaning in your study and your learning will get better. In the Value stage, one must address why he/she is reading the subject/skill in the first place.

By contrast, the target phase addresses the nuts and bolts of the task. Someone new to a language (for example Japanese) should not expect to achieve the target or learning at once. She/he must break down the learning tasks into manageable steps such as verbs, tenses, pronouns, etc. All these discrete lessons taking together represent mastery of the Japanese language.

Key Concept 2:

Focus on building proficiency with an emphasis on the importance of feedback. Self-monitoring is the development technique to enhance the proficiency of a particular skill. The Extend phase also invites immersion into the chosen field and emphasis on visualization.

Mastering the skills for success in life

Key Concept 3:

Put past proficiency to mastery. Part of mastery is, understanding the connections between concepts. The final step Rethink takes on the specter of overconfidence which ruins progress if he/she considers them a master. Boser emphasizes the importance of self-quizzing as an effective check on progress.

Learn Better Book Summary by Santwana Mohanty

In Brief

The final review is learning better book acts as a roadmap for lifelong learners. For the six-step process, one is encouraged to look at the things you think you are not good at. Motivate your life by asking how my life could be better if I learn this and then break the subject down into manageable parts. Developing your skill and then extending past studies and then relate what you have learned across disciplines. Check yourself along the road to mastery.

It not only makes learning actionable but also makes learning FUN.

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