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A Japanese philosopher and a swordsman named Miyamoto Musashi is the author of the book of five rings.

He has pointed things about nine strategic principles in the book of five rings.


These principles can be applied in one’s life to reach a particular goal or can be enlightened towards having a better future. He says if one is eager to solve a problem with the smart work and hard work, creativity plays an important role.


Creativity is the ability to create something. It is the most important aspect to achieve a certain height. It has to be unsurpassed.

The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt
So one must believe in oneself and be creative to solve any problem.



Principle 1: Don’t think dishonestly

The most dangerous thing is not only saying a lie but also telling a lie to oneself.
If one lies to his/her inner self then he would never be able to proceed with success in life.

For example

if someone is unwell and unhealthy but lies to everyone to be fit and healthy. It’s okay telling a lie to others of being healthy but lying to himself/herself might risk his/her own life.
This is when the risk takes place.
Therefore it is important to keep one’s thoughts honest then only one can know the work to be done in one’s life.

Self improvement starts with honesty

Summary of the novel named The Book Of Five Rings

Principle 2: The way is in training

There might be any work one must practice the same everyday. This is an useful reminder for all of us.
It doesn’t matter how many number of videos one watches or the number of books one reads if one doesn’t apply the things or practice it regularly in practical.

It is a better idea to divide the learning part and applying part. Half of the months have to be dedicated only in the learning part and the other half should be taken care in applying in practice. This way the efficiency increases in the work done.

Principle 3: Become acquainted in every art

One can know every art. The author does not advice to master each and every art one come across, only get acquainted to all the arts. Acquainted meaning is to know a little bit about something. 

For example, if one has a bit knowledge about cooking and a bit about gardening, they will be able to know the origin of the foods. Similarly one can know various things by knowing a little from various fields or studies.

This can help to choose better food for one’s health. Moreover, if one knows different artforms then he/she can generate ideas that will sharpen their mind and help them create something new and unique.

Principle 4: Know the way of all professions

There is a famous saying,

Jack of all trades, master of none

After reading this people think to focus only on one thing otherwise they might end up being master of none but this is untrue. It might be an incomplete quote. The complete one is,

Jack of all trades, master of none but often times better than the master of one

Miyamoto says there is no need to be master in all the trades but a fair knowledge from multiple trades enhances one’s mind and upskill the knowledge. This way the skill always increases, never decreases.

My Review

This is a great book to read. It gives an insightful meaning to life. It enhances the skills, the knowledge, the power of subconscious mind, the ability to be different and wonderful in this amazing world of ours.

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