June 10, 2024


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A must-read book Megaliving for anyone who wants to get real success and happiness in life. Robin Sharma is a true genius and he tells us how we can get everything in life we wish. He explains that only we are the master of our lives and future, and we can make it great if we follow those time tasted simple formulas.

Anyone with low self-esteem or with a wish to improve themselves will be able to equip themselves with the right way of attaining their full potential.

About the Author

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most highly respected leadership experts. He is devoted to the mission of helping organizations develop people who Lead Without a Title so that they win in this period of intense change.

The book was first published in 2003. It has been translated into several languages and is a global bestseller.

About the Book Megaliving

Mega living: From the Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma is another self-help book from the master of the genre. There are four parts to the book. The Philosophy outlines the philosophy behind living a successful life.

The Megaliving 30 Day Program out-lines the day-by-day procedure to follow for a perfect life. It allows the reader to maintain track of the program.

1.) Mission statement

Without a concrete life plan and precisely defined goals, you are like a ship drifting aimlessly in the sea. You will go wherever the tide decides to take you. So make a mission statement.

A mission statement allows you to live with greater integrity and acts as a powerful compass to keep your life pointed towards your values.

For example:

My mission statement: study up regular lessons and do self-development for the next 30days.

2.) Limitless living

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye as you hope to be, having all you ever dreamed of having. Make a “Dream List” of everything you desire in your lifetime.


Forget about everything, every condition, and focus on my goals.

3.) 5 Ancient Secrets of the East

i. Breathing Your Way to Perfect health

ii. The Importance of Proper chewing

iii. Stop Acting Old

iv. The Outstanding Benefits of Yoga

v. The Magic of Positive Thoughts & Dreaming

Do exercise and breath properly and also chew food in a proper manner.

4.) Journaling

Write a daily journal to record your daily results, ideas, inspirations, and challenges. All the goals and do follow the steps to achieve them. And do auto suggestions ( read out loud things you need to achieve or make-believe on yourself )

5.) Increase the concentration power

Without the ability to concentrate your thoughts on a single purpose or goal, there can be no real progress and no lasting life achievement.

“Quitter never wins and the winner never quits”


The content of this book is very good.

If you want a practical guide to cultivating life-nourishing habits in your life, then buy this book. The rating I have given is only for the quality of the content.