April 23, 2024


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About Us

CurledMark is a leading website that briefs summaries and explanation of stories of all genres of novels.

Summary is a great alternative for reading the whole piece of book. It helps in knowing the content of the book in a short period of time.

CurledMark is an initiative for non-readers. Reading the short paragraphs motivates the non-readers to initiate their journey of reading.

If the summary attracts the reader and he/she wishes to read the whole book then there is also an option of buying the book via amazon below the content.

Read| Sleep| Repeat

Our motive is to motivate people to read and at least develop some interest in reading and knowing about novels/books. Also to bring more number of readers to the world and make it a knowledgeable and bright place.

There are two major categories. One is Fiction and the other is Non-Fiction.

Under these categories there is various numbers of categories that people would enjoy to read.

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