July 17, 2024


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The most dangerous advice is “FOLLOW YOUR PASSION”. The book So Good They Can’t Ignore You suggests to the readers that one should not go by following their passion. So Good They Can’t Ignore You is written by Cal Newport. He says this because he has done the research upon it which definitely correct. Reading further can make you believe the fact behind this for sure.

The author talks about Thomas

The author tells the story about Thomas and conveys that following your passion cannot always give you satisfaction and happiness every time. Thomas always had an interest in philosophy. He used to ask himself often “What is the meaning of life?”

He took a degree in Philosophy and Theology. Also took a Master’s degree in Comparative Religion. He believed Zen Buddhism to be his passion. He devoted all his life to it but for earning money something needs to be done. So he took up a job in Korea as a teacher and different less paid jobs while traveling around Asia.

Then he realized he wanted to become a Buddhist Monk which is his dream life. He heard about the ZEN monastery and applied there. He got admission there and thought now he is going to attain peace and happiness because he will be doing his passion. He started living there and did the obvious chores he needed to do which included getting up early, cleaning, meditating, and solving Buddhist Puzzles. After staying there for years he solved the most important Buddhist puzzle (without solving that one cannot call him a Zen Buddhist monk).

He was where he always wanted to be

He enjoyed it there still after some period of time he realized he was not happy, he felt anxiety and stress within himself. At once his life became blunt and gloomy. He used to cry. Then he realized Follow your Passion is a dangerous piece of advice.

The author was obsessed with finding the answer that why some people enjoy their and some do not. For years we are listening to success advice and from personalities that one must follow passion but according to the research of Cal Newport what came was completely opposite.

What to do?

One must understand the importance of the Ability one must possess that includes Skills and Career Capital. Cal advises to forget about passion and be good at whatever you do and do it so efficiently also so good they cannot ignore you. If one does this one will feel good about his/her passion and that will become his/her passion throughout life.

So good they cannot ignore you Summary

The author gives 4 rules to the readers to live a real life that would help them achieve anything, not by the following passion.


  1. Do not follow your passion

Compelling careers have complex origins


@ Career passions are rare

@ Passion takes time

@ Three factors that make you like your job:

+ Autonomy (how much control you have in your life)

+ Competence

+ Relatedness

  1. be so good they can’t ignore you

There are two types of mindsets. They are Passion mindset in which one is selfish and only thinks what they will get if they do a work and Craftsmen mindset in which people give VALUE to the world.

One must focus on success through worldly help, not by selfishness. Practice at the edge of your comfort zone and get the career capital.

You should like what you do but the idea behind finding a passion and work on it which will happiness is false. First, start a thing, work hard, and make that your passion and success will be on your door.

  1. Think small, act big (have a mission): Do a small work and then go for big ones. This can give you gradual success.

If you liked it, pick up the book. Think in a realistic way. Have a mission but first reach the cutting edge.

  1. Turn down a Promotion: Make use of financial Viability before starting a work.


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