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In the book, Emotional Intelligence the author, Daniel Goleman, argues that the Emotional Intelligence of people is more important than their IQ in order for them to have productive lives. People who are well adjusted emotionally are more likely to have better leadership skills, mental health, and job performance.

Emotionally Intelligence can be divided into 4 areas.

They are:

Area 1: Know your Emotions

It is normal that people would know the answers to common questions how much they scored in exams, their height, and weight but most of them fail to know their own emotions; to how they are feeling the very moment of their life which is important to know.

Suddenly you get angry and upset at something and you do not even the reason for getting angry. Here is where the problem arises. So, one must know their emotions by doing this: Write it down why and how the emotions are coming. Start writing a journal and pen down your emotions. This way you will understand your emotions.

Area 2: Learn to control your emotions

After knowing the emotions one must know how to control them. Two types of emotions are common to many. They are Anger and Sadness.

No emotion is wrong. Just know how to deal with it.

The best way to deal with sadness is to do the physical movement. It’s true that if you are depressed you will not feel like moving but if you move your body at the very moment by using willpower then you can overcome this disturbing emotion coming to your body and mind.

Just Start Moving

To deal with anger you must reframe the situation. Do not think negatively about a person who makes you angry at him. You should think that he might have done this for this reason then you will be able to feel pity for that person and can calm yourself. This way you can limit your anger.

After a limit anger makes you like an animal so control it. Take Time to cool off.

Area 3: Use Emotions to motivate yourself

There are two types of emotions that help in motivating you. They are Hope and Optimism.

Emotional Intelligence Book Summary

Write down whatever bad happened to you in a day before sleeping. Besides every bad event write down what was positive in that. This way you can change the way of your thinking. You can think positively in every negative. For example, if the boss scolds you. Write that down and besides write that it’s good that now I can improve in this particulate thing to improve myself.

Area 4: Understand other people’s emotions(Empathy)

Once you understand your emotions you should learn to understand others. This is venting out a feeling of empathy in you. Empathy is feeling others’ emotions whereas Sympathy is feeling bad for others. One must feel empathetic towards understanding their feelings.

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