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The 48 Laws of Power Book Summary in Hindi by Robert Greene is a book to know your self-value and try to respect that in every possible way. One must know the 48 laws of power in order to become truly self-worthy of oneself and successful as a result.

Is this book for you?

Do you talk more than required in front of people? As result they ignore you. Do you discuss your future plans and goals with everyone? As a result, your goals are not actually fulfilled and become trash. No one respects your work. If all these happen to you then you must read the summary of the book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Among the 48 laws of power, I am going to brief 4 laws of power in order to know the art of being important in one as well as others’ life. So that one will value your worth and weightage would be given to whatever you speak. You will earn respect from others if you apply the below explained laws.

Law 1: Always say less than necessary

In 1825 when Nicholas became the King of Russia the country was going through many riots. The leader was ordered to be hanged. But when he was hanged, suddenly the rope got untied and he was going to be released and not punished as this was a sign from God that he should not die according to their belief. But the prisoner said that the king cannot tie a rope properly what else he can do for the country.

Listening to the statement King got furious and he was killed with no mercy.

The lesson is if he would not have said the sentence he would be released and live his life once again but peaking unnecessarily cost his life.

Therefore one must talk less than to only what is necessary.

Law 2: Win through your actions never through argument

In 131 BC King had to win over a castle by breaking the door of the same so he asked his people to bring him the biggest iron pole. The engineer of that factory told them that this work could be done by a small iron pole and gave them technical reasons for handing over the smaller pole. This made the King angry because he did not work according to his orders.

The 48 Laws of Power summary by santwana

He punished the Engineer for this and he died. If the Engineer instead of doing the argument had given the biggest pole to them according to the order of King this situation would not have arrived and the engineer would not have to cost his own life.

Actions speak louder than words

So, one must never argue with the higher authority. Powerful people never argue with others rather they win by their actions.

Law 3: Think as you like but Behave like others

The Mayor of Florence pointed out the mistake of Italian sculptor Michael who made an idol. He said the idol is quite awesome but the nose is quite huge. He suggested he make the nose a bit smaller. Without doing any argument he took a bit of sand and his tool and acted to make a bit of change in the idol. He took the Mayor a bit far from the idol and asked him whether the idol’s nose is good or not.

Now Mayor was satisfied. Here the sculptor knew that Mayor is standing close to the idol that is why it is looking like this but he chose not to argue and show as he wishes.

This way he did not upset him and got more praise. That is why one must believe as one thinks but behave like others.

Law 4: Use absence to increase respect and honor

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

– Thomas A. Edison

This law is self-explanatory. One must not always be available otherwise they lose respect.

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