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According to the author in the book a million thoughts by Om Swami, the basic nature of one’s soul is peace. Goals are important but those cannot give you peace. So, one must practice mediation for peace in addition to working for goals and a million thoughts guides the readers towards it.

The book A million thoughts is the best book for meditation penned by Om swami.


Before the start of meditation one has to take care of the posture. After one fixes his posture then he/she will achieve the first golden batch to meditation.

Sit still like a rock

This is how one can improve his/her concentration. Initiate with 15 minutes of time.

Best way of sitting

Sit cross legged, Keep your back and neck straight, Position your hands on top of each other in your lap, maintain a still gaze or close your eyes. A smile would be good which might enhance inner peace.

A million thoughts by Om Swami Summary
A million thoughts by Om Swami Summary

Types of Meditation we have in A Million Thoughts by Om Swami

  1. Concentrative Meditation

Yet being the toughest it is the most powerful kind of meditation. It sharpens your focus. Once one will be able to acquire this meditation then other methods will be way easier for them.

  • Sit really still

Concentrate on something (object)

  • No need to think just stare at the object
  • Close eyes and imagine in mind
  • Imagine the object until it stays in the mind
  • Once again look at the object if the image disappears in mind
  • Again close eyes and imagine
  • Repeat the process

Or Concentrate on breathing or Concentrate on sound or Feel the Emptiness

  1. Contemplative Meditation

In this type of meditation posture is not that important. This type of meditation one can understand his/her soul. As soon as you sit to meditate ask yourself “Who am I”? You need to remove or erase the labels you have got from society. For example employee, teacher etc. You can make yourself remember that “I am eternal and beyond”.

This type of meditation is useful to reduce your EGO.

  1. Mindful Meditation

One has to perform a task mindfully. If he/she is writing then the full focus should be on writing only i.e. whatever work done should be done mindfully. Mindlessness should not be involved.

“This helps in becoming more aware of every moment”

This reduces stress. NO extra time is required to practice this type of meditation.

  1. Observant Meditation

This can help over thinkers to overthink less. One has to just observe. Observe whatever comes to mind.

“Just Observe”

Do not entertain the thought. Let it pass.

We are not our thoughts. We are the observers

In addition to all these one need to be a good person by procuring good qualities in oneself.

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