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Black Beauty is an autobiography of a horse named black beauty. The Author wanted to bring the attention of readers towards treating the horses’ right.

The author is fond of horses and understands them accurately. Through the book Black Beauty she has directed the idea of the exact feelings a horse possess which has made a better place for the horses.

Familiarity of the book

The novel by Anna Sewell is a classic story that depicts the perspective of the animals and the treatment of them in a better way. It was the only book by Anna and the first major animal story in children’s literature.

The book Black Beauty was published in 1877. Even though it’s been a long time since the book got into highlights, it still has the same impact, value and love in the mind of readers. The book is also a motion picture released in 1994.

About the book

It’s a story of a horse. He learns some precious lessons from his mother. Then he goes to live with different owners. The different kinds of owners he was sold to were good and bad, careful and neglectful, kind and cruel.

He describes his own experiences as a horse while commenting on different owners he works with. He also makes a great deal of effort in describing and analyzing the nature of humans talking about them much more than anything else in this book.

With subtle hints the horse black beauty gives a lot of tips of the proper care and treatment of horses are to be done.

Black Beauty is a book about the right treatment of the horses


The book language is easy to read and best for the people who wants to start the habit of reading. It has good and short description with the plot moving forward. It is a satisfactory and fulfilling read for the readers.

If one deals with horses regularly this book can tell them the reason of their all kinds of behavior. Obviously this is a teaching to the humans of treating the animals in general. One must gently handle any creature they come across and take care of them crucially and lovingly.

If one loves classics whether he/she is a kid or an adult, the book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is ought to be loved.

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