June 10, 2024


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The book Who Moved My Cheese is a story in which life is not a story to walk on a straight road, it is a maze where one is lost often but if he/she keeps faith and courage then a door can be open, not the way we wanted but something which is the best for him/her.

One not only needs to tolerate a change but also learn how to win in any worse change. This will lead one to a successful life. The book Who Moved My Cheese teaches this lesson.


Far away there lived four characters that moved in a maze and searched for cheese which was their food and also it made them happier.

Among these two of them were mice whose names were Sniff and Scurry. The other characters were small-sized humans. Their named were Hem and Haw.

From them, one can learn an important lesson.

Every morning these four characters go off roaming in the maze for the search of cheese wearing their running shoes.

The strategy of two mice

They had a simple strategy. These characters divided their work. Sniff moved around and sniffed. If he could sniff the scent of cheese he immediately informed Scurry and he would run and they would enjoy the cheese they found out.

The creatures followed trial and error methodology. If they are not able to find out cheese in one direction then they would go for another direction and search for it.

The strategy of two human

As they were humans they had a complex and intelligent mind hence followed complicated strategies to search for cheese. One day all of them found cheese in one spot. The area’s name was Cheese Station C. All of them thought that this will remain permanently for them still two mice did the same routine every day as they were following. They got up early. Came to the station, eat the cheese, and we’re prepared for any crisis to happen.

Who moved my cheese Summary

Were they prepared?

They were not very sure that the facility will be there for them forever so they always carried their shoes with them for emergency purposes. To sum up, they were always prepared and ready to go anytime. In contrast to this, the small-sized men were unprepared.

Small-sized humans relaxed and relied upon Station C, got up late, and enjoyed their time. They left their shoes in a corner and forgot about their whereabouts. The mice inspected the cheese every day and measured the quantity of cheese more often and noticed that the cheese is not permanent and one day it’s going to be over.

Comparison between two pairs

So they left by wearing their shoes and went for the search of cheese in some other place. Therefore they took a shrewd step by always being alert and found another place named Cheese Station N.

On the other hand, the small men did not realize this and rested beside Station C and were arrogant all the while without doing any inspection. Their arrogance made them blind. They did not realize when the cheese got over. In a rage, both of them used to shout and the question “Who moved my cheese?”


Hen and Haw were now scared to leave the place and go into the maze because they were in the comfort zone. But after few days Haw took a brave step and decided to go to the maze because he got the analogy that he would die here it would not move from the place.

So he called his friend but he denied leaving as he thought he would do fine there. He had to leave him alone first by searching his shoes he ignored.


He was a bit scared because it was late, he started a bit late then he decided that he would never again in his life delay like this or rest or rely upon one thing and stop working. He decided in his mind that

I will always push myself out of my comfort zone

In the course of going in the maze, he found cheese here and there which gave him hope to proceed without fear.

He got back his energy finally. He got his life lesson. He understood that his scariness let him stay behind.

What always went wrong in Haw’s life?

He always thought,” what were the negative things that would happen in his life. Haw focused on negativity rather than positivity that let him stay behind”.

Finally, he reached Station N and was pleased with them. Haw realized that he was unable to laugh at himself that pulled him backward. Now that he could laugh at his stupidity he was successful.

The moral is Cheese will never stay at its place. The cheese will always move. Change is a part of life. Pay attention to your cheese. So one must be prepared like Sniff and Scurry.

Lessons from the book Who moved my cheese

  1. Change happens, accept it and act accordingly. We need to accept it and move forward instead of complaining.
  2. Adapt to change quickly. Change as fast as possible. Keep your ears and eyes open.
  3. Be the change and enjoy the change. Start moving. Imagine your bright future.

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