June 12, 2024


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Essentialism is a book written by Greg McKeown. The importance of this book is how focusing a single work is essential rather than focusing on multiple works.


Essentialism is investing one’s time and energy only in what’s essential in order to make one’s optimum contribution to the things that matter most to him/her. Hard work plays a vital role in achieving a particular goal. Moreover only working hard won’t help.


The author of the book Essentialism has given great ideas. They are as follows:


First point of the novel is one should become an editor in his/her life and remove unwanted scene i.e. work.


One must work hard in a right direction. If one takes up multiple works at a time he/she won’t be able to achieve all the goals at a time. Hence one must take up a single job and work on it which would provide a valuable result.


If an individual won’t decide on which work should be chosen for him/her then others will choose a work for them. To avoid it one must learn to say “NO” gracefully.


Setting boundaries is another thing to do. If one knows there is a loss in anything then he/she must not repeat another mistake in a misconception of investing in the first loss shall be reimbursed.


The concept is known as Sunk-Cost Fallacy. It is the tendency to continue investing in money, energy or time into something we know is a losing proposition simply because we have already sunk.


One must not bring the children to work. Similarly one should also not work at home. Like this, priority has to be set for a smooth processing to be taken place.

Essentialism The Disciplined Pursuit of Less book review and summary


A decision has to be taken and another has to be cut completely.


The best thing to follow is Working 20% that gives result up to 80% rather than working 80% and receiving only 20% as result.


A book “Essentialism” is based on how to do a particular activity in an effective and efficient manner to get cent % result.


It is a must buy book for self-help and can be considered as a must apply in one’s life.

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