May 26, 2024


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The Miracle Morning is a self-help book, shows a path to success by practicing certain morning habits.


The author Hal Elrod lists out 6 morning rituals after the immediate waking up in the early morning.


One always dreams a certain achievement to hit his/her life. For achieving the particular dream one need to take action. The act which is not taken into consideration is useless to be a dream. The dream has to be converted to action and then it can be a reality in one’s life.


According to the author, there is a mantra that can transform one’s life.  It’s the SAVERS.



stand for Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing.



Silence: Silence basically means Meditation. One must do the first thing after getting up is Meditation. Even after a whole night sleep the mind is not calm because while sleeping one has millions of thought going on in one’s subconscious mind. Therefore, meditation can help a person to focus and remain calm.


Affirmation: Affirmation implies a positive sentence in one’s mind. If a positive thought is being thought over again and again it will stay in the subconscious mind which will be reflected in the actions too.


Visualization: If some dream is being visualized in mind, an urge comes to one’s will power to achieve that particular visualization. This can help achieve a goal in an efficient manner.


Exercise: It is often said exercising can keep an individual fit but not only has it kept a person fit but also keep one’s mind healthy and happy. It will lead one path towards success.


Reading: Reading plays an important role in one’s self development. It helps one keep intact with the idea read in the book and apply in the real life. Reading ten pages a day can benefit a person extravagantly, boosts confidence in oneself.


Scribing: The most underestimated and underrated activity. Although its importance is unknown to humans, it provides the most effective outcomes. Whatever is penned by a person it impacts the mind more than just remembering.


Following the above habits mentioned in “The Miracle Morning” book can take a person to a whole new living and reaching the height becomes easier.


A book  that can transform a life by opting a different lifestyle.


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