May 21, 2024


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The book IKIGAI, shows a road map to the reader to find his/her passion. It gives the guidelines how Passion can help one live happy and in good health.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means one must have a purpose in their life to live a longer life. This book basically focuses on how one can know their passion.

It is often heard that if you do a job same as your passion then not only the money feeds your stomach but also your mind. That is why, all must know their ikigai. Perhaps it is not that easy finding your ikigai. Therefore this book is a gem for the goodness of the society. One who knows their ikigai are comparatively healthy, happier, has more immune, live a longer life than those live life stereotypically.


Diagram of Ikigaivenn Diagram of ikigai


Passion can be found by the techniques exposed in IKIGAI.

Firstly, one must know oneself well to grow in life. For that, one must need to list down the works:

Heading 1: The activity one loves plus an expert of those works

Heading 2: The activity one loves but not good at it

Among the above points listed under these two headings, only one of all the points from both the headings listed holds ones passion.

Another technique is the Disc Test. This test can help anyone know about their personality.

The techniques can help an individual to reach his/her goal and maintain stability in his/her life.

After reading this book one can know one’s real talent and worth of being as an individual character. Hence without any ado grab a piece of book and get to know your IKIGAI.



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