April 19, 2024


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The Dairy of a Young Girl story revolves around a young girl named Anne Frank who was thirteen years old then. This is the story of that period of time when the Nazis were ruling (The era of the Hitler).

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

They humiliated, tortured, and killed Jews. They wanted all the Jews people to be shattered and murdered.
This is the dairy written by her during her struggle period. She vividly pictured the situation of her hiding in a place from the Nazis in Holland.

She maintained the dairy for two years before her, family and others hiding were caught by the Nazis.
She was an exceptionally unique personality. The protagonist was a brave girl.

Anne has beautifully portrayed her jolly, terrified, frustrated phases of character in her dairy. She named the diary as Kitty. She shared things to kitty which she could not share with living people. According to her paper is more patient than people.

They had tons of restrictions such as they could not travel by trains, shop within a limited distance only, drive etc. She mentioned in spite of all these the life went on, things were still bearable. Despite all the hardships she wrote all about her feelings, anxiety, happiness and agony.

She expressed that she just wanted to live a normal life. She did undergo frequent mood swings. It shattered her almost. She wrote that she was told not to do things inside her house which was the “Secret Annexe”.

She was designated as the most unruly and misbehaved child still she bared with them all.

It was a tough journey for her. Her situation made her mature past the actual maturity time. Her last entry on the diary was on 1st Aug, 1944.

This book “The Dairy of a Young Girl” will undoubtedly touch everyone’s heart. The journey makes the readers experience goose bumps.

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