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Paul is a great author who experienced a life that gave him certain experience to understand the true meaning of life. The novel ” When Breath becomes Air ”  is the New York Times best-selling memoir. It is on Doctor Paul’s meditation on finding meaning and purpose of life and the challenge of facing death.

The book When Breath Becomes Air is an unique piece written by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

No matter how dispassionate someone is in all of his/her dealings when the book ” When Breath becomes Air” is bound to give him/her goose bumps.
It is one of the hard hitting and pioneered books that one can read. Paul was a brilliant neurosurgeon and a loving husband. Most importantly he is a kind and morale person.

A stunned incident took place. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of thirty six despite having not smoked all his life. Referring to the gut wrenching revelation Paul wrote in his book “And with that, the future I had imagined, the one just about to be realized, the culmination of decades of striving evaporated”.

Paul in his growing up journey has always searched for the answer to what in life matters and what is the meaning to life which is the reason he chose to be a neurosurgeon, the direct confrontation to the death and life. He after diagnosed did not want the suffering to hit him rather finding the good cause to live.

He decided having a baby will give a family to his wife. He concluded the meaning to life is being human does not happen eliminating suffering, it happens within the life we live.
A beautiful message can be interpreted that the purpose in life is important and it becomes purposeful in the wake of unforeseen circumstances.

A powerful message has been delivered by his personal experience of life. It is how one I ought to understand the sense of living.

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