July 20, 2024


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This is a spectacular fictional story THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA written by Amish Tripathy. This is the first part of the Shiva Trilogy written in the year 2010.

The place named Meluha is the land of pure life. This land is ruled by the Suryavanshi kings. All the citizens of Meluha possessed immortality by the consumption of a magic drink named Somras(the magic drink).  


The story revolves around a character named Shiva who once a barbarian after the intake of somras becomes the Neelkanth(One who possess blue throat). According to the believes of Meluhans, who has the blue throat can be their protector and Mahadev(the god of the gods).

The Suryavanshis enemy is Chandravanshis. They wanted protection from these people as they stole the sacred river Saraswati and were upto many evil intentions. Suryanvanshis were often attacked by the Nagas(the serpent people). They followed the path of terrorism (attacking and killing innocent people instead involving in a war and fight bravely).

Suryavanshis were true warriors. They followed Lord Ram ideology intently. They considered Chandravashis have tied up with nagas and trying to destroy their land. They were worried of the nagas terrorists who attacked blindly on innocent people and desperately wanted some miracle to occur so that they can be saved from treacherous evil intentioned people. For them Shiva could guide meluhans and bring change, help them to fight against evils.

The writer has beautifully portrayed all the characters vividly. The plot is really interesting. The way it is written, while reading, one can literally be present with the characters. The Novel has the compelling narrative style. The book is a complete package of romance, war, thriller, emotions, faith and magic.


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The Immortals of Meluha


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