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The Kite Runner is a historical fiction, depicts that period of time when Taliban ruled over. The plot is built in Afghanistan. At that time, the Sunni Muslims wanted to take over and kick out all the Shia Muslims. They followed the policy same as the Hitler who assaulted the Jews.


The Kite Runne is a touching story that can bring you tears of rage and ecstasy throughout the book “The Kite Runner”. The small aged Sunni boy named Aman remained aloof from the love of his father.  He was too yearned of getting father’s love that he did not see any limits to care about anyone or anything in the entire universe.

.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a historical fictional story that depicts the time of conflict between Sunnis and Shias


The Shia boy named Harman lived with his father Ali in the small home beside their house. They lived as workers but were very close to Aman’s father. He was very fond of Ali and treated Harman same as his own son with utmost love, care and affection. Harman was vulnerable to be attacked as he passed the streets. Though Aman and Harman were friends who always hang out with each other, Aman was uncompromising on his chauvinism.


On the chance of impressing his dad he decided to win the largest kite runner festival held in Kabul. With the determination he participated smartly and won the championship but what happens is gut wrenching and way too miserable. After the kite is being detached from the thread it falls somewhere and one need to collect the kite. For this Harman ran to get the kite. He delayed in coming back to Aman so he went to search for his friend.


He found that three notorious and nuisance Sunnis held him, made him miserable and raped him. To all these activities Aman was the eye witness but he did not opt to the rescue of the poor guy Harman.  They returned home but did not disclose about the incident.


Harman had always loved and protected Aman. He did things how Aman wanted. He never could hurt him. Harman had the purest form of affection for Aman. But in return Aman failed doing the same.


Ali and his son left the place and went because of Aman’s various incredulous behaviours.


All his life, this incident haunted him and he regretted about his deeds. He felt worse at the same time agitated whenever he heard his name on the lips of his father.


After many years Aman adopted Harman’s child after the death of the child’s father. He somehow wanted to reconcile and clean off the sins he committed being silent and blaming Harman without his mistake, letting them go away from his father, not reciprocating the love of Harman and many more.


Finally there is a twist in the story. As a reader one will appreciate, tears shall roll down on his/her cheeks when they read it.


Thanks readers for your patience in reading The Kite Runner Summary. It is the most recommended book one can buy to be engrossed in the enthralling world of two friends namely Aman and Harman.

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