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The Novel “The Alchemist” is the story of believing your dreams and following your heart. It revolves around a shepherd named Santiago lived at Andalusia in Spain. He had a keen interest in travelling and discovering places all over the world. He traveled around places selling wool to the immigrants.


She met a girl in a village name Tarifa. He was wondering if he could meet her once again. So he left for Tarifa with a herd of sheep. On the way to Tarifa he spent his night under a Sycamore Tree in Spain itself. There he saw a dream that there is a lot of treasury under pyramid in Egypt. He pondered over the reason of seeing same dream a number of times. Therefore, he decided to visit an old lady who could interpret the dreams.

Paulo Coelho is a writer of the biggest era who is able to teach a great lesson.

She suggested him to go so that he could the treasure but he has to promise her to give one tenth of the money. He was not sure of what the lady said so he sat on a bench and an old man approached him who introduced him as the king of Santiago. He out of nowhere asked him to follow his heart and go for the search of the treasure.


He then sold all his sheep to have money for covering the trip and went to search for his dream on the way to Egypt.


As soon as he reached Morocco city all his money were stolen. He reached to a crystal merchant and offered him to clean his crystals and in return provide him food. The merchant agreed with this. Gradually because of the cleaning the merchant made profits. He asked Santiago to stay with him and continue the job but he had to follow his heart. So he took a caravan and reached Sahara Desert.


There he met with an English man and learned that he was there for the search of the Alchemist who could convert the lead to gold. In the desert Santiago fell in love with a girl named Fatima.


He wanted to marry her and settle there. But Fatima asked her to follow his dreams. He obeyed her. In the way to the Egypt he faced many obstructions and difficulties still he did not let his dream wash away and determined to continue the journey.


He met Alchemist. When he was with him, they countered with some dacoits. Alchemist told the dacoits that this guy will convert himself to wind so beware of us and let us go. They joked of him and gave him three days to do the impossible otherwise they will be killed. He could enact the act.


After this he reached near the pyramid. There he encountered robbers again. He got sacred and told them about his dream. They laughed and made fun of Santiago. The lead dacoit told him, he too has seen dream, there is treasure under the Sycamore tree in Spain but he is not too stupid unlike Santiago to go all the way to Spain and search for it.


He teased him and left. This made Santiago realized that he is going in a wrong direction and immediately went to the place from where he began the journey, Spain. He surprisingly found treasure there. He was immensely pleased, realized that one has his/her treasure with him/her in their original place perhaps they only have to travel to identify the real place of treasure.


The 3 lessons that could be derived from this beautiful book “The Alchemist” are truly awesome. They are listed below.

1.The destination is not that important, what matters, the journey and the lessons.

2. One should always chase his/her dreams.

3. One should always listen to his/her heart.

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