April 23, 2024


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Good Will Hunting, a book, a movie, an Oscar- winning content. Good Will Hunting Story is a highly relatable content that gives an insight to getting the idea, one must not ignore the present single thing just to avoid the future predictions.


It is a complete explanation of how defense mechanism works and how it could be controlled.


The story “Good Will Hunting” is an amalgamation of emotions, intelligence, relationship, breakup, psychology, friends and comedy. A 22-Year-Old Will Hunting is a self-taught genius, though works as a janitor in MIT spends his free time enjoying with his friends Chuckie, Billy and Morgan is able to solve a complex problem like a scholar. The problem was posted by a professor named Gerald Lambeau for his graduate students.


Will tentatively agrees but makes fun of the number of therapists he visits.


Finally a therapist who is a college friend of the professor namely Sean Maguire, handles the boy heroically.


Unlike other therapists Sean actually challenges Will’s defense mechanisms, and after the first session where Sean threatens Will after he insults his deceased wife and  a few unproductive sessions, Will opens up gradually and gets excited by the idea that Sean missed the historic game six of 1975 World Series, to be with his “love at first sight” lady.  Also Sean never regrets the fact that the lady dies of cancer. This encourages him to build relationship with a girl named Skylar, though he lies to her about his past and family because he does not want to be judged. He believes if he tells her everything about his family then the girl will leave him and he won’t be able to handle the pain. To avoid this he leaves her first. This is how his thought process works.


The story leaves different thoughts about the psychology of one’s mind. “Good Will Hunting” is a masterpiece which provides a lesson of mindful contractions and distractions. Will shares Sean that he had been tortured and sabotaged by his father all his childhood. That pain always made him aloof from getting attached to people.


At last the therapist opens up the idea behind him that whatever happened was never his fault which breaks tears in Will’s eyes. After this Will realized he should not run away from his love just for the futuristic agonized predictions and went back to his love Skylar.

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