June 17, 2024


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The One from the Stars by Keshav Aneel is a story that revolves around a boy who wanted to achieve his dream by becoming a writer. It is a difficult task to follow your dreams if someone is from a middle class Indian family.


The family’s dream is of having a life which can for sure provide a job without much struggle. But for some high ambitious students their dream holds first place in their life.


This creates a chaos between the family and child. The One from the Stars by Keshav Aneel is a heart touching story a reader could feel the depth of it and might wet the readers eyes.


Vishesh is a dreamer, who is driven by passion for writing but their parents are interested to make him get a government job and settle in it.

Keshav Aneel book


One must not give up on life because anyways one day, one’s life will come to an end because where there is life there is an end.  It is a story of struggle of a boy named Vishesh belongs to a middle class family, for his dreams.


No one supported him in his dreams. His parents taunted him for his dream to become a writer. His girlfriend left him because he wanted her to wait for him until he achieves his dreams. The girl could not wait for him for so long. She did not support in his dreams.



Because of the heartbreaks, unsupported family he suffered from a disease named OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It is a mental disorder in which the person feels the need to perform certain routines repeatedly, to think repeatedly, it is a kind of anxiety disorder. The family did not consider the disease to be appropriate and did not think it to be a real disease.


His fight through all odds to prove that he was not worthless son has been beautifully penned by the writer. Despite all the ups and downs he could achieve his dreams and this could draw a conclusion that one can achieve their dreams by true passion and perseverance.



The One from the Stars by Keshav Aneel is a relatable story of every middle class family in which parents want their children to be settled by pursuing in some specific field that can give them job for the sake of money.


It is a highly recommended debut novel by the Indian writer Keshav Aneel. It will definitely motivate and ensure you to be who you want to be.



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