July 18, 2024


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An award-winning author John Green for the book “Looking for Alaska” brilliantly holds the story of a quite indifferent school hostel life.

It revolves around a group of friends from different parts of countries who has come to study in a boarding school in Alabama.

The story is divided into two parts: Before and after. Before has the part of fun, pranking and various events.

All the characters in the story have a different charisma and quality within them. A girl named Alaska being the most unique and main character in the story is a mysterious yet attractive and lovable character. She had a jolly attitude towards life; her pranking skills were on the top.

The fun, mischiefs could be relatable for the readers who have experience in a boarding or hostel. A group of four friends namely Alaska, Chip, Pudge, Takumi and Lara shared all the happiness, agony with themselves.

During the fun period of time these friends experience a misshaping in their life. Alaska died. This is where the “After” part starts. Before she hit the car she asked Pudge and Chip to help her to go. The boys blamed themselves for letting her go and just die like that.

The story continues for the search of why and how she died. The friends started looking for the reason of the death of Alaska. So as the name suggests Looking for Alaska.

The period of search for her become a tough period for her friends. They assume so many situations that could have happened which let her die. Their research kept on going until the school was over. They went through various kinds of dilemmas. In the memory of her they arranged a prank which became successful. This gave their heart a more or less a comfort.


John Green first book summary Looking for Alaska Book


Finally these peeps realized that some things are left undone. They will forgive her, she forgave them and that is the end.

In the end Pudge writes “As energy cannot be created nor destroyed likewise a person neither can be born nor can die. Like all energy, one can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations”.

The story “ Looking for Alaska” is a funny, enjoyable and heartbreaking story that gives readers an insight about life and death.

The story will remain forever in the readers’ hearts.

A must buy Looking for Alaska Book that would take the reader to a whole different world and lessons one the meaning of life.


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