June 9, 2024


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The One thing book gives clarity in life other than focus and productivity. The one thing is the key focus in the book. It is the concept that is either important for us or the thing in which one can put all the focus in it and achieve great in life.


According to author to achieve success one does not need to do multiple things rather focuses on one thing and go with it through the entire life.

Like for Ronaldo his one thing is Football, for Elon Musk a better future for humanity. If these people had not followed one thing then they would have been doing the job they do not like.

To understand One thing in a proper way, one can follow the below quote

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one

Domino effect

Author explains how the domino effect relates to doing the one thing in smaller steps can help. Similar to how a smaller domino when given a slight force just after hitting the big domino falls down and the other bigger ones fall then the biggest one falls finally, putting smaller efforts each day can lead to a bigger success.

Domino Actions in The One thing

Therefore consistency is the key. One can use this habit for daily work. There are three lies one always hears and do it as it is accepted universally.

First Lie: Everything matters equally

According to author, everything is not equally important. It does not matter what marking teacher gives to the students, the fact is no two students can be equal. So equality is a lie.


Whenever people are in hurry to complete multiple works they end up giving equal time to all the chores.

Even the less important work is given the same time as more important work and the productivity in whole reduces and one ends up no doing stuff in a way it is supposed to be done.

Second Lie: Multitasking is productive

Most of the people consider multitasking to be productive but it is high time one must know that it is the biggest lie. It has been proved that human brain cannot focus on multiple works at the same time still people practice it because they think they can do it efficiently in lesser amount of time rather the fact is if one practice multitasking then either he/she fails or not get productive in doing one of the tasks or takes more amount of time than required.


The One Thing Summary

Third Lie: A balanced life

If one needs extraordinary life or success then one has to sacrifice here and there. Balancing everything, balancing multiple jobs is impossible according to author in the book One Thing.

Live life with purpose

One must live with purpose. Purpose only sets the priorities and the productivity depends on the actions of a person. So must live with purpose plus priority so the focus remains always on a particular thing and one will only think of that particular purpose which is his/her priority.

Focus on One thing -> Set Priority -> Take Actions -> Achieve Success

Do this

Plus to these one need to live with productivity. People do not get success by working whole day but work less with productivity.

Work Smart not Hard

There are various more advices given by the author. To read the book click here


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