July 18, 2024


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This book, Who Will Cry When You Die, is not about the people who will cry when a person dies. It is about seeing the life in a unique way.


Looking back to the time, when a person is in the death bed, what all he/she has achieved and how the precious life has been utilized is the key motive of the book Who Will Cry When You Die.


The author has showcased incredible life lessons. Some of them are as follows:


  • Maintain your perspective: One makes mistakes when he/she lose the perspective. One’s problems seem to be the biggest problem in this entire world. Actually it is just the way one looks at the problem. If Earth is being compared to the universe, it seems too small likewise one’s problem is as small as earth as compared to other big problems. Therefore one must take care of maintaining the perspective of anything. Be it a problem, be it a success or anything else.




  • Practice tough love: It means one must be tough with oneself.


The tougher you are with yourself, the easier your life will be


Successful personalities never think of stuffs like “if I am willing to do this or not”.

They get up and do their work if they know it’s going to help them in long term. They clear their boundaries and become tough. For becoming successful one must practice consistency and forget laziness.



  • Develop an honesty policy: It’s a famous saying


Honesty is the best policy


But often people do not tell big lies. They tell small lies in which they lie to themselves. For example, they promise themselves to not eat fast food from tomorrow but they do not follow it. This is small lie. To avoid it the author has suggested in the novel Who Will Cry When You Die to maintain a 7 day truth challenge. In a notebook, track the lies and try not to lie and follow the work to be done. This way the improvement would be seen gradually.


  • Recruit a board of directors: In the brain if a group of intellectuals like Gandhi, Steve jobs etc., is imagined and think how their approach would be towards solving one’s problems. In this way it would be really easy to find solutions because here one is following the approach of successful people.


  • Write a legacy statement: One must write a funeral speech. An example of legacy statement is


I want to inspire the people around me and help people come out of poverty


In the novel, Who Will Cry When You Die it is sighted, one must check upon whether he/she acting upon the statement so that one can be satisfied in the end while dying.

Hence, one must definitely write a legacy statement. One must not wait till he/she earns enough money and after 50s write a legacy. It is a must job to do as early as possible.


  • Be more than your mood and be humble: One must control their mood to gain as much as possible positivity. Being humble is a great way to exchange empathy and achieve greater heights of success.


In this book author Robin Sharma sights 101 life lessons to live life in a better way. If one wants to know all the life lessons buying the book is worth it.



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