July 22, 2024


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Louis Hay has narrated her own life in the book You Can Heal Your Life and the key ideas by which she healed her life.


The author, Louise Hay went through a lot during her childhood period. Years after she was born in Los Angeles, Louise was surprised with a new father by her mother.


While staying with her step-father she went through molestation and humiliation from the step-father himself.


She was also raped by one of her neighbors. Hay got devastated by the abduction and soon after she turned 15, left the house. Louise started working as a waitress in a restaurant for the earning purpose.


After some years she left for Chicago as she gave birth to a baby and gave away her child to a couple, who applied for adoption.


After some years she went to New York and started modelling. She got married to an English man. Unfortunately this marriage did not work out. Traumatized by the life she lived, Louise joined “Church of Religious Science”.


First time in her life she heard the following quote;


You can change your life by changing your thoughts


In today’s date she is a renowned Author, Lecturer and Speaker all over the globe. She believes this one quote has changed her life. On the basis of this she has written the book You Can Heal Your Life.


She has shared certain smart ideas in the book You Can Heal Your Life through which she healed her own drowning life.


Smart idea 1


Be ready to change your existing beliefs: For example, one believes himself/herself to be lazy and inefficient to get up early and exercise. The person has to change this belief and think that he/she can get up in the morning and exercise as he/she is not lazy.


A self help novel that manifests the idea of how you can change your life


Smart idea 2


Forgive yourself and others: Louise could not forgive the parents for her horrible childhood. She researched about her parents past. Soon after she was able to forgive the parents easily.


Likewise if a person is angry on you, instead of reacting you must inquire how the day went for him and calmly talk to him/her. This way the frustrated person will be pleased and the surrounding will be filled with pleasure.


Smart idea 3


Build on the positive daily: One must gradually take care of her/his mind by watering positive thoughts daily. This way the mind nurtures like a plant.


It’s natural that some negative thoughts would cross one’s mind. One just has to say a single line to that negative thought;


Thanks but now get out


The author advices in the book You Can Heal Your Life, for the healing of 3 parts of a human i.e. Body, Mind and Soul, one must do the following daily.


For Body healing:


The first thing to do after getting up in the morning:

Exercising which keeps the muscles moving, in taking the food full of nutrition.


For Mind Healing:


Working in the office to keep the visualization up to mark for achieving success, giving positive feedbacks to oneself. This builds Affirmation.


For Soul Healing:


While coming back to home feeding a poor symbolizes love.

Lastly meditating before sleep.


With all these strategies Louise succeeded in defeating cancer like deadly disease too. That’s why she believes


You Can Heal Your Life


The Author pens the idea of Changing the right way gradually.


I would highly recommend this book if you want to heal your life and be calm in handling any difficulty coming in your way.


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