July 22, 2024


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When life events leave you feeling stressed out and anxious the author suggests a simple two-minute practice to improve the quality of your days. First, check to see if you may be suffering from decision fatigue. We have so many things on our plates these days we tend to make decisions. This affects our productivity and efficiency towards important works.


As research shows humans are hard-wired to search for the negative. Our brains contain an almond-sized amygdala that secretes fight or flight hormones all day. Evolution has programmed our amygdalas to look for, find and solve problems. This naturally ingrained tendency is why we want to stare at bad, controversial and sad news endlessly.

But, a study comparing people who wrote down what they were grateful for to those who wrote down their hassles and events shows that the former people are increasingly happy and healthy.

Our amygdalas are fantastic at looking for problems, finding problems, and solving problems, but they’re also ripe for exploitation. News media and social media sites have perfected that perfect sour-sweet-sour combo that grabs the greatest amount of our attention possible. So I decided it wasn’t my fault I was negative — it was the world’s fault!

Example of Two Minute Morning Practice

Along with the tasks, one must write what they are grateful for. Writing things like for job, family, the dog won’t work.

Two Minute Morning Practice

One might write, for example, I am grateful for the way the sunset looks over the hostel across the street.

Also, Minimizing regret increases contentment. The author suggests adding these three lines to your index card regimen.

Write down in Two Minute Morning Practice

I will focus on –

I will let go of –

I am grateful for-

This research-based ritual made a big difference in the author’s life, you can do this for yourself. Obviously, no one will be completely stressed free and happy all the time after practicing this daily routine but of the thousands of minutes you are wake, you can invest two minutes of them in prepping for the positivity you will find yourself happier during the remaining 998 minutes.

When life events leave you feeling stressed out and anxious, bestselling author Neil Pasricha suggests a simple, two-minute morning practice to improve the quality of your days.

This Two Minute Morning Practice Will Make Your Day Better.

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