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Explanation of the largest number program logic

In the below pictorial representation, there is an array of 8 elements. If a program states that we need to find the greatest number from these 8 numbers, how do we do that? In a layman’s way, we can simply compare the first number in an array with the rest of the numbers.

First, we will consider 100 which is the first element of the array, and compare it with the second which is 50. Here we can see that 100 is greater than 50. So, we can move to the next number. And will compare 100 with 5. 100 is also greater than 5. Moving to the next number, that is 130. Now we can see that 100 is less than 130. Now in the RAM 130 is stored and it will be compared with the rest of the elements.

It is greater than 40. Then it moves to the next number. 130 is greater than 79. Again when we compare it with 1500, it is greater than 130. Now, 1500 is the greatest. Still, there is another number to compare with. It compares with 10 and stays the greatest number. This is how the comparison is done.

If we write this in a program, it should be in a simple way to decode at once right? So, let’s write an array program to find the greatest number of all the numbers in an array.

Largest number in C programming


int large = x[0];










Write a Program to accept 8 numbers. Find and print the largest number.


int main()


int x[8],int y=0,large;


Printf("Enter a number:");












Printf("The number is%d\n",large); 

return 0;

Explanation of the above code

Firstly we have declared the array size as 8 as x[8]. Then the number which will be the greatest is large. Under the first section of the while, we have given the input from the keyboard. 8 numbers we will type in the output screen to get the large number output.

This is for the first section of the while loop. Before the second while loop, we have declared the number array size y as 1 and large equals x[0] which will store the first number from the array in the large. That is large =x[0] where x[0] is 100(You can refer to the above pictorial representation).

Likewise, it will be x[1],x[2],x[3], as y increments. As the logic says it will compare one by one in the “if statement” written in the program and stored in the large variable. Finally, it prints the large number from the array and we get the output.


Enter a number: 100

Enter a number: 50

Enter a number: 5

Enter a number: 130

Enter a number: 40

Enter a number: 79

Enter a number: 1500

Enter a number: 10

The number is 1500



So, here is all about the greatest number in the array in C. We hope you find this implementation alternative. Stay tuned for the upcoming blogs.

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