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You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips is a book by Dominic O’Brien. Never forget a name or a number again! Dominic O’Brien is legendary for winning the World Memory Championship eight times and outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas to win a fortune at blackjack.

About the You Can Have An Amazing Memory Book

Here, for the first time, he reveals his secrets for memory mastery. Follow his brain-boosting techniques and turn your mind into a super-powered computer.

The world’s greatest maestro of memory offers you the secret of a super-sharp memory. It provides all the life benefits that come with it.

Amazing Memory


Dominic O’Brien is renowned for his phenomenal feats of memory and for outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas at blackjack. He has won the World Memory Championship eight times, holds a host of world records.
A great book to dip into for various techniques that really work. Don’t expect to be able to complete these exercises overnight though, some take a lot of work.

We generally try to mug up things to remember but our brain is actually not made to memorize that way. The author has become a world memory champion 8 times, not because he was born intelligent or smart. It is because he knew the proper techniques and ways of remembering things. Some principles are as follows

Principle 1 to have an amazing memory:


Imagination and memory are strongly connected to each other. If you share your experience with someone, you will start imagining that experience in your brain. So, the things which you can easily imagine it is more likely than you will remember it.

Principle 2: Association

Association means the connection between 2 things. We are more likely to remember things that are connected to each other. Our brain finds it difficult to remember different things which do not have an easy link between them.

Example: Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, and Sharpener.

Now we can use these 2 principles and combine them to form something called Story.

Story Method:

Using this method we can increase our memory capabilities. Do one thing, whatever you need to learn, form it as a story and try to imagine that story and in no time you will remember everything.
Make a story as per your imagination then the technique will do wonders in remembrance.

Conclusion of the book You Can Have An Amazing Memory

Fascinating techniques to improve memorization of lists and numbers using the journey method. By connecting novel information to familiar, you can trick the brain into storing new information. Essentially you get the brain’s hemisphere’s to work together.

Great information about how the brain activates. It is because it works and how to stimulate neuroplasticity in your own brain.

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