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In this inspirational, affirmative 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Book, Morin expands upon her original message, providing practical strategies to help readers avoid the thirteen common habits that can hold them back from success. Combining compelling anecdotal stories with the latest psychological research, she offers strategies for avoiding destructive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors common to everyone.

1: Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Yourself

If you can’t control your life then no need to feel sorry about it. Rather than feeling sorry, you can do work you are able to do and embrace happiness.

Feeling sorry for ourselves leads to more negative emotions and it causes you to overlook the good in your life. To reduce feelings of self-pity you need to change your behavior to stop feeling sorry for yourself and volunteer to help a worthy cause. It is hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are serving hungry people.

Also, express gratitude. It can not only affect your psychological health but also physical health.

2: Mentally Strong People Don’t Give Away their Power

If you hate anyone, you let that person define your self-worth and you become sensitive to criticism to take back your power. You should forgive people who have taken your power and think before you react.

Harboring resentment is allowing someone you don’t like to live in your head without paying rent

If you can’t control thinking negatively then take deep breaths and excuse yourself from the situation and finally evaluate feedback.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

3: Don’t Shy Away From Change

Here are some signs you shy away from change:

  • You experience a lot of anxiety when there are changes to your routine.
  • Whenever you make a change, you struggle to stick with it.
  • You tell yourself there’s a sense in trying to create change because your changes won’t last.
  • You make excuses for why you can’t change by saying things like, “I’d like to exercise more, but my spouse won’t go to the gym with me.”
  • You justify your bad habits by telling yourself what you’re doing isn’t “that bad.”

If you do not want to shy away from the change you can do this. You can identify the pros and cons of changing then take up things that can help you about being potentially good. Notice the good outcomes of change and embrace it.

4: Mentally Strong People Don’t Focus on Things they Can’t Control

Remember that the only thing you can control is your behavior and attitude.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

5: Don’t Worry About Pleasing Others

Pleasing everyone can damage your relationships with people close to you. If someone asks you to meet the same time your close one has asked to and you choose to go to meet with the other one and the relationship with your close one is damaged a bit.

Pleasing everyone can lose sight of your values. You will stop doing what is right and only focus on making people happy whether it’s good or bad. You must determine who you want to please. It is not your job to keep everyone happy.

6: Don’t Fear Taking Calculated Risks

We need to restrain ourselves from making impulsive decisions. Give yourself time to think about the decision.
If you do not take calculated risks then you won’t be extraordinary. Mentally strong people don’t make emotional decisions. They think logically and objectively to make the most rational decision.

7: Don’t Dwell on The Past

Thinking about the past can stop you from living the present and prepare for the future. So do not dwell in the past. The only time you can change your behavior is now, so stay present at the moment so you can take action.

8: Mentally Strong People Don’t Repeat their Mistakes

Put your energy into learning from your mistakes–not covering them up. Acknowledge your missteps and commit to doing better next time.

9: Don’t Resent Other People’s Success

Watching a co-worker receive a promotion or hearing a friend talk about her achievements can stir up feelings of envy but you should be happy for them and work on yourself.

10: Don’t Give Up After The First Failure

You are more in control than you realize, create new ideas as we forge forward into the beautiful unknown.

11: Mentally Strong People Don’t Fear Alone Time

reflecting on your progress and creating plans to create the kind of life you want to live is key to reaching your greatest potential. This can be achieved by spending some alone time.

12: Don’t Feel Like The World Owes You Anything

You’ll never find out how much you have to give if you’re too busy keeping track of what you think you should get.

13: Mentally Strong People Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Although technology gives us instant gratification in many ways, real change takes time. Expecting to reach your goals overnight will cause you to give up far too soon.
It’s not only when you hate someone you give em them control over yourself, but also when you love someone. It’s about all the emotions and the expectations you think about.  Just don’t expect anything and life will be easy.


Mentally strong people don’t let anyone’s words affect them. It takes practice and hard work, but with the specific tips, exercises, and troubleshooting advice, it is possible to not only fortify your mental muscle but also drastically improve the quality of your life.

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