April 19, 2024


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Morning pages are a stream-of-consciousness journaling habit done first thing every morning on a daily basis. The idea is to wake up, open your morning journal, and write three pages of longhand of any thoughts that come out of your head.

Writing pages in the morning is a very specific discipline devoted to your mental well-being. Here are some of the ways morning pages can benefit you:

1) Morning pages enable you to clear your mind

When you wake up, your mind is swimming with thoughts from the previous night. When you write off the top of your head first thing in the morning, the words that spill out onto the blank page will no longer be taking up space in your brain, and you can approach the rest of the day with more clarity.

2) This can unleash your creativity

Being creative takes discipline. Making the time to sit down and write that novel or short story often gets pushed aside.

By writing morning pages, you’re establishing a routine that will help you find a way to make time for your creative self. Once you get into the habit of writing morning pages, finding the time for your creative endeavors will come easier.

Start journaling:

It’s easy to make excuses and say you’ll start morning pages another day, especially if you’re not a morning person. There has to be a first time in order to initiate this new morning routine. Set your alarm, wake up, and start writing. Before you know it you’ll have a daily writing habit.

Do it first thing:

Morning is the optimal time of day for stream-of-consciousness daily practice. Your morning brain is fresh. Write your pages before you fill your head with any outside influences.

3) Writing silences your inner critic

Before even putting pen to paper, writers can be their own worst critics. Stream-of-consciousness writing accesses only what’s on your brain at that moment, leaving no room for self-criticism.

Avoid distraction:

When you work on your morning pages, you are dedicating a little time to self-care. Stay away from potential distractions. This includes other people, your phone, and your computer.

4) It allows you to process emotion

Life can be overwhelming. On top of personal stress, we are bombarded with heavy information in the news—some of it tragic. It’s okay to grieve and process these stories. Morning pages give you the space to do this, freeing your mind from information that can weigh you down and affect your productivity and your life.

Fill up all three pages:

You may find that some days you’ll find your creative flow and three pages will come easily. Other days writer’s block will get the best of you and you’ll have a hard time just writing enough for the first page. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep writing until all three pages are filled.

Commit to writing morning pages

Make the practice of writing morning pages a daily ritual. Start by doing it for a single day. Then the next. Before you know it, morning pages will become a new habit. Create fun little incentives, like putting stickers on your calendar every day that you finish.

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