April 19, 2024


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Apply these 5 Effective and Practical ways to wake up early in the morning daily without forcing and feeling miserable.


How one is able to wake up early in the morning daily, hassle-free and full of energy?

Akshay Kumar (Bollywood actor) gets up at 4 AM every day and he is active all day and most importantly a successful personality.

Not only him, but many other biggest tycoons of the world also get up early in the morning to complete their most prioritized work or something that keeps them cheerful all day. It can be anything like meditation or any creative work or simply move the body to feel active all day.

Getting up early is not at all a task friends. Follow the below techniques to get up early.

Sleep Early to Wake Up Early

Set an alarm for bedtime prep than wake-up time. The Melatonin level begins to rise after sunset. Your body signals that it is looking for rest.

Research shows that it is much easier to sleep at 10 PM rather than at 1 PM as the melatonin level drops as the night gets deeper.


It is a hormone that governs our sleep. Higher the melatonin level, it is easier to sleep.

Sleep Early, Wake up Early

Some might argue for not feeling sleepy early. This happens because of the gadgets and bright light. Eliminate these and you will be able to get sleep earlier.

Eat early and eat light

Sleeping towards the east

Living in the Northern hemisphere, due to magnetic pull it is advisable not to sleep keeping the head towards the north. East is the best direction.

Sleep on the left side of your body. This will tremendously help and improve your sleep quality.

Conquer the first 10 minutes after your alarm goes off

  • Do not snooze
  • Drink warm water
  • Wash your face

Withstand for the first 10 minutes. Do not sleep in the afternoon. People who wake up early have a fixed schedule. Try to have a fixed time.

The longer you do it, this becomes your nature

Prepare your mind to wake up

You can get up not once, not twice but daily

This is the power of the subconscious mind. Keep the time, you want to wake up, in your mind and you will get up.

How to wake up early hassle free

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind

Have some motive for waking up

Give yourself a good reason to wake up so you have the motivation to wake up. For example “I will do my creative work just after I wake up”. This will help you get up as you have a motive.

Did your parents ask to get up early and you ignore them because of your generation and habits you think are correct, you might consider asking them WHY and do not obey. These are the things with proper explanation. Today, promise yourself to follow all these things and set up your successful career and happy life.

There is nothing more satisfying than getting up early in the morning. The tone of the day sets right. Effectively you have much more time, health will be yours, and success will be on your doorstep. Inculcating this habit will stay you longer and cheerful.

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