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This is the glossary for the novel The Book Thief. The words that you might find difficult in The Book Thief are being provided in this article in an easier way. Refer to the below and experience a hassle-free experience while reading the book.

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30 Words from the Book Thief

1) He is an accordionist.

Accordionist: a person who plays an instrument named accordion.

2) It’s about some fanatical germans

fanatical: extreme

3) The facade is a strange concoction.

Concoction: a mixture

facade: a fake/false appearance

4) The book features the art of Saumenching.

Saumench: A slang. Sau: pig; Mench: Human

5) She would soon be given over to foster parents.

Foster parents: Take the child for a period of time without becoming legal parents in exchange of money.

6) One of them could have been an apprentice.

Apprentice: learner

7) A black book fell innocuously from his coat.

innocuously :harmlessly

8) She was not delivering her children to the higher echelons of Munich.

echelons: rank

9) The car moved on, with Liesel dreading the last, lethal turn.

lethal: deadly

10) There was a considerable hiatus between the first stolen book and the second.

hiatus: gap

11) Liesel was tempted to ask her the word’s meaning but it never eventuated.

eventuated: happened, turned out

The Book Thief Book Review and Summary

12) It was the profanity that made the greatest impact.

profanity: obscenity

13) It was so vehement and prolific.

vehement and prolific: passionate and fertile

14) There was nothing but dry paint, difficult breath, and the deluge of abuse from Rosa.

deluge: overwhelming, a lot

15) As a perverse kind of reward.

perverse: Wicked

16) Her cooking was atrocious.

atrocious: worse

17) She has the ability to aggravate everyone.

aggravate: annoy, irritate

18) Papa tries to incense(verb) mama.

incense: to make someone extremely angry

19) Evenings in the small kitchen were raucous.

raucous: constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise.

20) She stopped berating people.

berating: scold, talk bad about someone, criticize

21) She sniffed with derision.

derision: the feeling of deep hatred.

22) She was spiteful

Spiteful: cruel, unkind

23) Rudy Steiner was upended in the snow.

upended: upside down

24) Rudy Steiner was one of those audacious little bastards.

audacious: forward, daring, unflinching

25) Munich Street was strewn with a slosh.

Strewn: covered with untidily scattered things.

Slosh: the sound of splashing.

26) My eyes brimmed with tears.

His face was brimming with rage.

brimming: be full to the point of overflowing.

27) The words clobbered her in the back.

clobbered: treat or deal with harshly.

28) He goaded her.

goad: provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate an action or reaction.

29) I am filthy.

filthy: disgustingly dirty

30) She’d actually been there for Rudy’s act of childhood infamy.

infamy: an evil act

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